Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Regarding Our Skins

Skins (also known as Wraps, Stickers and Decals, Decals) are ultra-thin, panels of adhesive vinyl that protect and personalise your electronic devices.   

Unlike a regular sticker, we make our SkinWraps products from top of the range premium automotive wrapping film: ensuring that our products are easy to apply and easy to remove (without leaving residue), when it's time to change up your device.

Getting the right combination of vinyl and laminate takes a lot of time and testing. We work closely with vinyl manufacturers, such as 3M, to ensure we supply only the best quality products possible.  Our team is always checking and testing new products that are released within the vinyl market-space to ensure we keep up to date with new technology and trends.

No. There are some silicone/flexible cases in the marketplace called 'Skins' - which has caused confusion though!

Vinyl skins were the originalproduct in the marketplace (back in 2002/3) and were first made for gaming consoles.

Did you know that SkinWraps is the original supplier of vinyl skins to Australians - since 2003? We were known as PinkieOnline back then.

Whilst we cannot guarantee that our products will work with all cases in the marketplace today; we can confirm that they work really well with some clear cases.

Flexible cases seem to work better than the snap/clip-on type of case.

Skins are intended for one-use only.

They are adjustable during the application process but once the adhesive has bonded, after application, you will more than likely stretch the skin when you remove it.

Yes, they are easy to apply.

Place the vinyl panel on to the surface of the device and, provided you do not press to stick the panel, it will slide across the surface of the device - giving you lots of time to correctly align the panel on the surface.

Once the panel is aligned correctly, firmly press to apply and activate the adhesive. Press from the middle to the edges, pushing any air bubbles out from under the vinyl panel. 

SkinWraps products are custom designed and cut for each device. They sometimes come in multiple pieces. If you take your time and follow the application instructions on our website you will have the skin applied quickly and easily.

As dramatic as it might sound, your skin will probably outlast the device it is applied to!

Most customers change up their skin every couple of months though.

Example: we removed a skin that had been applied to a brand new gaming console and left on for almost 7 years.

The surfaces of the console that were protected by the skin were in original condition after the skin was removed - like new!

SkinWraps skins are water resistant and the printed colours will not run or fade - however a skin does not waterproof your device.

Remember that all electronic devices need to be kept away from water and moisture.

Provided you applied the skin to a clean surface, the panel will remove without leaving behind bits of gooey residue.

To remove, pick and peel back the panel from the surface.

Tip: warm the panel with gentle (not hot) heat to activate the adhesive. This makes removing the panel easier.

Technical Stuff

Model information is usually printed on the outer shell of the device - or - printed in the battery storage area - or - is located in the About information within the Help menu

If all else fails, check with the manufacturer of your device - they usually have a support area to help you.

Sure we can help with a replacement!

To be eligible, please send us clear photos showing the application problem.

We will require you to cover the postage cost for us to send the reprinted skin to you.

With hundreds of designs to choose from in our catalogue, it isn't possible for us to mock them up for every skin we offer.

To help with this, we created our Shop By Design category, where you can find the design you like and use the drop-down menus to select your device, coverage and finish options.

**If Shop by Design doesn't have the image either - contact us to see if we can swap in your preferred design after purchase.

Finish is a personal preference. Each one is great, so how do you know which one to choose?

Here's a basic rundown:

Glossy - shiny surface finish
Makes bright colours appear more vibrant

Matte - no-shine finish
Has a soft and velvety feel to the surface / tends to show scuffs more easily

Textured Carbon Fibre finish
Has a woven appearance that you can feel when touching the skin / tends to be a 'grippier' surface and can take more scratches and scuffs than matte or gloss finishes

**Finish has an effect on colour
The finish you choose has an effect on the colour/s printed on your skin. Most of the time you won't notice the slight colour change; however some colours - such as black changes considerably dependent on the type of finish selected.

Our wraps are thin, removable and do not interfere with the device's operation therefore warranty is fine.

The vinyl panels do not trap heat and we do not supply skins that cover essential cooling vents which need to be exposed for the device to work safely.

Naturally, if you wanted to be
100% positive about a device's warranty conditions, you would need to refer to the manufacturer for advice on this.

Due to the unique nature of the printing process the exact colour and design displayed in the SkinWraps website store may not be printed on the final product.

SkinWraps reserves the right to change the composition of any selected device design to ensure a quality product. This may involve cropping, stretching, or skewing the design image to optimize the overall layout.

Please also keep in mind that colours will display differently on your computer screen compared to the way they will actually print. Differences in screen brightness and colour tone may also skew the end result of your Skin.

Some of our catalogue designs are created to give the illusion of a particular effect (such as glitter) and, when viewed from a distance, the effect works well, however when the design is viewed up close it looks fuzzy or blurry.

This is not a printing error nor the result of a low res image.  The creator of the design intended the image to look that way. 

Some of ourOmbre and Liquid Colour designs, in particular, have this effect. 

Pink Pop is a perfect example of this.   The image itself is greater than 6000 x 4000 pixels in size with 300 dpi resolution so it isn't low quality by any means, however when viewed up close it looks blurry or fuzzy. 

It's probably also worth mentioning that the dark or light 'vein' running through the design to give that marbled effect can look 'fuzzy' when viewed up close. Quite normal for natural marble.

A few designs in our catalogue are created by the artist to give the illusion of a glittery or sparkly effect when viewed from a distance.   

Examples of these types of designs include Pink Pop, Ombre Pink to Blue, Stardust Gold.

Actual sparkle or glitter is a specialty finish - which we do not offer in our store (at the time of writing this FAQ entry anyway).  We do expect to offer it in the near future, however.

Shopping @SkinWraps

SkinWraps is an ecommerce store and does not currently have a physical store front that customers can visit in person.

Look for the VIEW ORDER button within the "SkinWraps Order #SWxxxxx is on the way" email.

Click that button to be taken to an online overview of your order, complete with tracking number.

Since covid hit in early 2020, Australia Post's mail volume has increased dramatically and some sorting facilities are so stretched to capacity that it can take a few days for mail just to be scanned 'out' for transit. We see this happening in QLD a lot, unfortunately.

State lockdowns do not assist with a speedy delivery and people tend to turn to online shopping during lockdowns - resulting in more mail for Australia Post to handle.

Most of our orders are shipped within rigid mailers that AusPost class as letter-rate mail. Letters have a longer handling time than parcels since August 2020.

Our delivery estimates are based on real-time experience and you will notice they are longer than the (optimistic) delivery time-frames that Australia Post offer on their website.

We prefer to give you a realistic delivery time and have you feel pleasantly surprised when AusPost deliver earlier than expected.. rather than set you up for disappointment with a short delivery time-frame.

All orders have tracking and we encourage you to opt in for sms updates at order time, to save you from having to stare at the tracking page.

Step 1 - check all the usual 'safe drop' locations at your house, unit or apartment. We have heard AusPost drivers have sometimes safe-dropped items in or under garbage bins (!)

Step 2 - check with other occupants of your home or office to see whether someone has taken delivery of your item and put it somewhere 'safe' and forgotten to let you know

Step 3 - if you are positive your order cannot be found then let us know so that we can contact AusPost to ask them to complete a GPS audit to confirm that delivery was completed to the correct address.

Since March 2020 it is common for the Australia Post tracking page to show no further scans - from lodgement date - until your order is out for delivery.

If you do not see the tracking page update after14 business days (for standard Australia-wide post) or after5 business days (for express Australia-wide post) please contact us for help.

SkinWraps do not use any contact info that you provide (whether using the Contact Us form, emailing us direct or calling us) to add you to our own or third party email lists.

Your details are used responsibly within the normal parameters of an ecommerce store, for example:

- to contact you about your order
- to respond to an enquiry you have made to us
- to ensure your order reaches you